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SheepDog Woodworks Cocobolo Batons 

Beauty...Tradition...Intelligent Design
Whether for use on duty, for presentation, collection, or ceremony, SheepDog Woodworks is committed to crafting the finest Cocobolo batons available today.

Each baton is hand-made to order and carries a
Lifetime Replacement Guarantee.

Select Grade: Available
Premier Grade: Available

Limited Reserve:  Blanks will be listed and priced individually.  Currently Unavailable Online.  

SheepDog Woodworks Batons - Best of Breed

As a matter of both tradition and performance, there is only one option when it comes to wooden batons - Cocobolo. Unfortunately, this species becomes harder to legally acquire each year. All Cocobolo is not created equal, and much of what is offered is of questionable quality - if it is even Cocobolo at all.

Wood Selection

SheepDog Woodworks uses only certified First Export Quality (FEQ) Mexican Cocobolo - highly regarded as the elite of the species, and celebrated for its beauty and durability. Each blank (rectangular piece of cocobolo) is individually inspected for both color and figure to ensure all SheepDog Woodworks batons truly represent the best of breed. 

Intelligent Design

Unlike polycarbonate and machine-made straight sticks that are one consistent diameter and a set length, SheepDog Woodworks batons are designed around the innate characteristics of the individual pieces of wood from which they are made.  Subtle variations in diameter exist in many SheepDog batons to ensure that weight distribution, proportion, feel, and effectiveness are maximized.

These variations - oftentimes barely noticeable to the eye and measured in tenths of an inch - can dramatically improve these characteristics. Sheepdog batons are terminated at the largest diameter possible, ensuring that the maximum kinetic energy possible is transferred to the last 2-3 inches of their length - the preferred contact area.

For SheepDog Woodworks standard size batons, each blank is lathe-turned and hand-carved to approximately 23.5-23.75 inches in length, and a specially tapered 1.25-1.35 inch diameter, with an overall weight of 20-22 ounces.  During the shaping process, careful consideration (tapering and proportion) is given to each individual blank with respect to overall balance, weight, and feel.  By the very nature of both the wood species and this hand-made production, each SheepDog Select™ baton is truly one-of-a-kind.  

While this size is 'standard', SheepDog woodworks can customize length, diameter, and grip size to accommodate a specific need, departmental guideline, or officer preference.  Currently, 20", 21", 26", and 29" are also available as options at checkout.  Please contact us for sizes not listed here.

Whenever possible, a grommet is carved into the baton itself, eliminating the need for a rubber 'stopper'.  SheepDog Woodworks also offers two grip styles - standard, and smooth.  [Note - the standard grip was designed to afford superior weapon retention for duty batons]. 


Once shaped, each baton is smoothed with seven distinct grits and grades of sanding cloth and steel wool in preparation for finish.  A multi-step proprietary finishing schedule is then applied by hand to create a durable, beautiful finish that is resistant to moisture and wear.  The baton can then be personalized with a hand-applied heat brand.  The genuine leather lanyard is affixed, and the end result is a baton that combines beauty and tradition with unmatched functionality.   


SheepDog Woodworks offers alphanumeric heat branding to personalize your baton.  Consistent with the handmade nature of the sticks themselves, these too are applied by hand.  While initials and badge numbers are the most commonly requested, more extensive inscription (including full names, department names, unit assignments, retirement & promotion dates etc) is available.  

For custom inscriptions greater than 25 characters, please contact me for a quote. All other personalization can be specified at checkout.  To see an example of a hand-applied heat brand, click here.


Peace officers are not "one size fits all" - and therefore straight batons should not be either.  Custom sizes and lengths can be accommodated to ensure compliance with departmental guidelines or to suit specific needs.  

SheepDog Premier Batons

Among the elite Mexican Cocobolo blanks, there are some that stand-out as truly exceptional.  These highly-figured pieces represent approximately 1-2% of all Mexican Cocobolo available.  

Sought by and competed for by woodworkers world-wide, these blanks are evaluated and obtained on an individual basis.  SheepDog Premier Batons use the most exclusive Cocobolo available on the world market today.  

Designed and crafted with the same precision and care as SheepDog Select™batons, all Premier batons are available in custom sizes, with personalization, and with either smooth, or standard grip.  

Prices subject to change based on inventory and market availability.

SheepDog Training Batons

At any point in the evaluation and carving process, a particular piece of wood or completed baton may fail to meet the standards of a SheepDog Select or Premier baton.  Many times, this is due to slight cosmetic defects in the blank itself. While not meeting Select or Premier criteria, these sticks are perfectly functional.  Intended for use in baton or scenario based training, these sticks are branded as such and offered without personalization.

More Information

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Please feel free to peruse feedback from SheepDog Woodworks customers on the Testimonials page.  Sheepdog Woodworks is committed to the absolute satisfaction of our customers.  All batons come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Environmental Note

SheepDog Woodworks is committed to only using wood which is legally imported from environmentally sound sources.

SheepDog Woodworks utilizes a single distributor for all Cocobolo wood used in baton manufacturing.  This distributor owns and operates a sawmill in Mexico where the wood is harvested and blanks are created.  This sole-source distributor is held to rigorous environmental standards regarding harvesting, and participates in reforestation operations to ensure that this wonderful species exists for future generations.