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You are the Sheepdog. The Protector.

When Trouble Comes, if you are not Ready...
Who Will Be?
~ Lt. Col. David Grossman ~
It is with deep regret that I am announcing the indefinite discontinuation of SheepDog Woodworks. The response was outstanding, and I was afforded the opportunity to put hundreds of batons in the hands of officers all over the country.  

Unfortunately, persistent health issues (including but not limited to repeated allergic reations to Cocobolo dust and three hand-surgeries) left me unable to keep up with demand.  I held out hope that I would be able to overcome the backlog, however I have to accept that between the limitations with my primary carving hand and the cocobolo sensitivity, this is not practical.

I stopped taking paid orders some time ago, however there are many out there who placed orders paid in full, that have been patiently waiting for what someone once referred to as a "Steinway of Sticks".  

Due to the time-lapse of some orders, I am hesitant to mail refunds to addresses on file, as they may have changed.  I am putting a simple mechanism in place to capture necessary and accurate information, in order to process refunds for all outstanding paid orders.  

If you placed a paid order, and have not yet received a refund (directly or via credit card or PayPal reversal) click here to complete a short and simple form. Submissions will be acknowledged, the refund will be processed, and a check will be mailed within 72 hours of receipt.

Note:  An attempt will be made to e-mail those entitled to refunds, directing them to the above referenced form.  Refund requests will be monitored for at least the next twelve months.  After this time, any unclaimed refunds will be donated to Fallen Officers Remembered, a non-profit which purchases ballistic vests for those among the estimated 250,000 peace officers in the United States who do not have one.

Please note: Orders placed "COD" were simply placeholders while I attmepted to overcome the backlog - no monies were collected on these orders are they are not subject to refund.
Updated June 20, 2016